Q. Who is required to have Class C Operator Training?
A. Associates at each and every gas station. Class C Operators are the first line of defense when an emergency or spill arises at a gas station facility and a Class C Operator is required to be onsite at manned facilities anytime the facility is open to dispense fuel.

Q. Which states is Seneca’s Class C Operator Training approved for?
A. Iowa, Colorado, Louisiana and Utah but more states will be added in the future.

Q. How does Seneca’s training help Class A/B Operators?
A. In most cases, Class A/B Operators are required to train Class C Operators. Seneca’s Online Class C Operator training is designed to save you time. Once you sign up your Class C Operators, they simply login, take the training, and they’ll receive their certification saving you the time and hassle of having to repeat the training for each person or for multiple stores.

Q. How much does Class C Operator Training cost?
A. The cost for training is $8/person and includes 24/7 access to your Class C Training Certificate along with other UST operation documentation and annual refresher reminders. Bulk pricing is available. Click here for more info.

Q. Can I enroll multiple stores?
A. Yes, an Owner/Operator or Class A/B Operator can enroll multiple store locations and as many Class C Operators as needed for their facilities.

Q. Does each Class C Operator have a unique login?
A. Yes, each Class C Operator has a unique login. The login credentials are emailed to the specified email address and sent to the Class A/B Operator if an email account is not available for the Class C Operator.